Los colores de la primavera

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I started this one in the german spring 2009 and finally finished it in the peruvian spring
I really had enjoyed the first days of the spring. Sunshine, flowers and the smell. This inspired me to do this track.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
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  • mmm yeah another cool song to mix with !! thank you for this one.
  • Xaphoid
    one thing that I found a little irritating was the piano you used. It sounded a tad bit flat. I'd check it's tuning against you buzz install. Or maybe use something else or another paino vst/soundfont. Could be my ears. Was anyone else bothered by it?
  • BHS
    Very fine, the happyness of spring and the awakening of nature are here. Also for me the piano sound is a bit without expression and a bit out of tune. Lizard , with piano you can do really better. And also another little thing : at the end , the high frequency is a bit to much pushed , but for this I must listen with a better system. Great work , as always from you.
  • Thank you both! Hm, I find the sound of the piano allright. Ok, I can try to put emphasis on certain notes to get more expression - I will try that. About the high frequencies you're completely right. Unfortunately this has to wait, because I have a big exam on Friday and on Monday I am going to travel the whole October through Southamerica