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A rather hard trance track at 141 bpm with a mystical feeling - I'd say. Pad: Infector Bass, Plucks and most Sequencers: Ozo B "Didjeridoo"- sequencer: z3ta (commercial Vst) Lead Voice: Audjoo Helix (commercial Vst)
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  • hey! lizi, great tune! a very well trance/dance tune for the masses... when is your next time to work a new dj-gig ? cu pete
  • flos
    I love psy-goa... delicious track! Thanx for sharing 8-d
  • hi liz du machst dich ja richtig gut langsam wirds an der zeit dich mal an verschiedene labels zu wenden mit deiner mucke respekt für diese arbeit und dir alle 6 daumen drück die ich hab damits was wird mit nem vertrag
  • Man! Thank you, guys, for the great feedback! @pete: I don't know. I had asked, but haven't recieved an answer. I'll write them soon again.
  • That's a nice one, Lizard. Heavy, too.
  • I just love that main synth. I can see this one being a big hit in the clubs.
  • Thanks a lot guys!
  • Excellent! Very well done, High energy. The break is cool. you're a Master at Trance Just a thought : the kick takes a lot of EQ space. Thanks to share this jewel
  • BHS
    Very big work here. You are an incredible resource of melody, variations , effects . Bravo , really.
  • Lizard
    Thanks a lot, mag and bhs!
  • As always another outstanding track by Lizard! You and me seem to be headed in same direction musically but with very distinctly different styles. We should really put our heads together and come up with some coop stuff. When time permits of course. Anyway I'm noting as Im listening. I see your using a classical method of answer and call here with the detuned sounds and the stabs. Very nice. I love how the breakdown happens with the nice lfo'd panning of the synth. My hat is off to you sir!