Behind the horizon - snippet

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Just a quick one made. A raw idea, just a sketch. Mainly free vst for generators (piano is LABS, drums are DrumPro, Bass synth is Synth1, female choirs are SampleTank 2 free) and buzz fx (HALYverb, firesledge ParamEQ, Oomek Exciter, MixiO, Cheapo Amp) plus a VST fx called ReFine. I liked to opposite the smooth and light piano against the powerful drums, find that interesting
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  • Just wake up from night-shift,watching raining throw the window,going to B Tunes,relaxing.Waiting for my wife coming soon from work... (same employer like me).In some moments reminds me hip-hop,very nice.
  • through the window
  • Thank you a lot TS, I hope your window feels fine     Yeah, this song can be cool when raining, in the morning
  • Ha Ha,yes window is on right place That was ridiculously funny. Never mind,reason to laugh.Anyway your tune sounds good!
  • I like that dreamy piano very much. That gives the song a special feeling and real emotions! The Hi-Hats are a bit "aggressive" for my impression. I was thinking to brushes spontaneously.
  • Like the bass, too
  • Nice melancholic piano, those fat drums give it a kind of rap/hip hop feel.