Movin - feat Damian Counsell and Guitmic

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An old wip that was never finished... I'm sure one day I will try to finish it
I liked a lot the voice and the singing of Damian Counsell, very sensible and with a lot of feeling.
The Guitmic's guitar lines (where are you michel?) are absolutely soulful and subtle, they always gives me thrills, every time I listen to it.
Thanks to these great artists whithout whom the song wouldnt be nothing.
PS : it's 10 minutes long, there is three parts, a first mix till around 02:00, a second and different longer mix till around 07:00 and the ending is an orchestral part I wanted to include in the song but that I wroted apart.
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  • great track !!! sweet voice, amazing guitar (yes, michel, where are you ?!?!), solid backing.  the orchestral part reminds me a bit of 4Hero.
  • hello buddies, Thorsten and Michel, I'm here, no problem! hope you're okay!...yes, super remix,  (I love the singing of Damian!) comments soon for your songs,...keep it up guys!

    btw: the new buzz has so evolved that I am overwhelmed now.. 

  • Haaaa... Cool to see you're still here I hope you're okay too
    Yeah, I'm okay (I looooove the playing of Guitmic!)
    You can check the buzzwiki :
    The new buzz is awesome, it's 'gigantesque'.

  • Hey !!! Michel, hope you will chum up with new buzz soon, but files made in old buzz generally load fine into nubuzz, so ... and i still have old buzz installed along nubuzz.
  • Very, very nice work ... cool guitar ... good voices ... "stunning" drums ...
  • What a great track this is.  It never gets boring as it is slowly evolving.  I love the guitar and the vocal harmonies.  And then comes the orchestral part which is quite lovely.  All in all, it is a beautiful piece.