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A great remix of the music I've done for Sackjo22. Only my music was used here as I provided the instrumental. This remix is a collaboration between CiggiBurns, the wonderful voice, and Old Dog, the marvelous piano. SuperSmooth lounge jazz. They take my song to a very high level
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  • its sundey.. the sky is gray.. and this sound..... just awsome, only to say wow. jelous on your work... keep it up
  • Outstanding. Really natural
  • and you did the entire track just with Green Milk? amazing!
  • Nope, I used Dynamite6 Well for the pad string. I use mainly buzz stuff here, the drum is a free vst drum plugin. The piano is a real piano played by Old Dog. He improvised I think. Vocal were made for my song too. Ciggi created the vocal line, melodic work included. Thanks for the words, I'm very glad you liked it.
  • [anonymous]
    Superb !
  • What's the name of that drum vst? Sounds great and very natural. Awesome track !
  • WTF ?!?!?!!!! It's awesome! Yes, please tell us the drum vst's name .
  • mag
    It's SuperDrum FX. I imported in it some of my own one shot drum samples.
  • hiro
    cool, thx!
  • Well, I've never heard that drummachine before . Again "an saucoole" track ...