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magmavander & Temporalsounds
Nothing fancy, just a little bit remixed. Not very much time spend on it. Tried to give a little more "India" feel ;D
PS : removed the vst that way all buzzers can open it.
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • Cool to see a collaboration here again. No problems playing the bmx.
    Dark threatening atmosphere, playful arrangement. I like it!
  • Hi Mag! Thanks for little Big remix !
    BMX working good,I had to move PizzaBuffer  eff. to documents. After I loaded with any problems.
    I like , you removed VST and used buzzmachine to add nice ambient feeling of RectalAnarchy.Improvising? melody with Table,great! You didn't spend much time on it,but I can learn much from it again good setup.
    Merci !.Love it

  • Thanks friends! 
    Strange that you have to move the dll... Mine is in the normal place (Buzz/gear/effects). I used the version 2.0 of pizzabuffer.