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magmavander & Temporalsounds
I didnt changed or added notes, sorry TS. I replaced all drums machine by one sampled loop I replaced also some synths, some of these old synths crashed my buzz.I think now it's easier for any buzzer which wants to remix, it's clearer. The original bmx reminds me those bmx I was creating when I started Buzz with too many machines I hope there will be a remix!!
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  • Wow!At begining of track I wouldn't say ,that it's my ''loop'' I uploaded (listening audio file first)I was soo curious what will be next... .Doesn't matter about non added notes.Great choice of samled loop,indeed.I'm surprised of replacing soo many machines and keep it so great sounding!!,clearer.You keeping that right machines.I think,PrimiFun(alt.) makes melody like M4II ,doesn't it ?Thanks a lot Mag.Love it.
  • hmm,I'm still thinking about that your crashing buzz with that machines.If I knew what's the problem I would help. I'm sure you tried everything.
  • Thanks Temp It's more a fx problem I guess but some old synths are capricious sometimes. For mr the M4II always crashes, I cant explain why.
  • 'For me' not 'For mr'
  • Great power and very superb mix/mastering! Impressive.Hope you guys are at good health. Take care of yourselves.
  • Dang.  My Buzz install is so messed up.  Most  gear shows up as "missing".  Gonna spend some time this weekend trying to get it all working.
  • Hey Mr Dradox di you have an email ? Or PM me on Buzz Forums.
  • @HerrFornit:Yes HerrFornit,we are OK for now.We are worrying what will be next days,moons.Take care of yourself too.
  • months
  • Months and moon are quite the same length All good here but it's just the begin