Vacuum - thO ShakinFit MV mono vacu ReMiX - bmx

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An old jam that I cant remember who writed the original snippet (not me I'm pretty sure). Same, I dont remember what I have done here, I guess it was the brass sample loops. Anyway, this is some sort of crazy funk, or free funk like there is free jazz As usual, feel free to remix blah blah blah...
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • High voltage punk funk! A treasure you're digging out here. Cool bass, loud in your face mix. I can't remember this either, but i like it a lot. I guess it was initially a file from vacuum.
  • I also think that this is a vacuum start song, I can recognize the vacuum's talent for breaking beats
  • Wow, here's where the old folk stays Well the former version of the track reminded me somehow Sting and The Police, and you simply blew me away with your Version. As thOke already said superb Bass, Sax 'n' Stuff cool Drums either, just some awesome "rimshots" somehow. I listen sind listen sind it gets better and better. Mega Mag!!!
  • Thanks Buzztler! Mega Mag is a bit too much as I didnt do very much in this one (well I think, I cant remember)
  • It was in this order: thOke - Magmavander - Monoton - Vacuum - Schroeder.I remember Schroeder renamed it to FakingShit ... He added "die posaunen", ? ... oder wie heißt das in deutch. I'll send you some bmxes... The first bmx was from thOke...  Nice upload
  • This is a detective story Thank you vacuum for all the clues! It's good to see you back