Little time

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one or other will know this song, vivi give me her acapellaVersion, so i made this monoShitPeace, have phun with it
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  • Great smash-up man! Fun for sure.
  • it's not a mash-up, i think, but mono buzzing along vivi's vocals ?! even nicer than timefly !!
  • ah..from air? maybe layer the clap sample with another, this one in my opinion needs some effects or is crying out to be phatter in other ways. lovely moody work monoton, the way i like it. peace.
  • thnx ppl for listening and good rating and your opinions, i will use this if this song mbe came out somwhere on vinyl or cd
  • monoton
    yes th=ke, this was a acapella verion gesungen von vivi. i heard this verion somvehere on net, os i ask ob sie mir des senden kann ...
  • Wow, how geil! I specially love the point where the drums are coming in! Great monotone-stuff. I love your music, peace!
  • vaisnava
    super trippy... and very well mixed! It feels/sounds like i have limitless space in these cheap little headphones... its a really cool effect (all your panning, etc). BTW, where did you get this sample from? I have heard this song before.
  • mono
    its not realy a sample, got a singer and she sing this song as a acapella verion, i wanted to make a monoShit from this. the original is from a band called air and its from 1998