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a little bit something to flay arround.. have phun with this. its more chilly and easy.
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  • This is some nice Tech House Trance ! Sounds Pro with a touch of the old school with that 909 driving the beat.
  • i like it, cool beat
  • vaisnava
    very well done! I have been trying to make something like this for a long time... but fail miserably... great work.
  • vaisnava
    i really dig this... 3rd time through... thanks, I really dig 4.30 that new hollow sounding synth!
  • Superb!! I dig it Perfection.
  • vaisnava
    sorry to post 3 times... but i forgot just how much i liked this kind of music... im listening again... for the 8th time... absolutely love it! pulls me right in... and keeps me in... im gonna have to dance to this! thank you.
  • froggy
    I'm moving my feet ! a good track ! Thanks mono !
  • Strong stuff. In headphones sounds just fantastic!
  • Lizard
    Wow, great work. I really dig this! The chords in the end, also fit very good in!
  • I like the Bass... But I don't like the chords at the end or maybe they should be reworked a bit...
  • illuminatron
    yes i feel the verstrahlung turns out goaish and gefährlich and then chill- the part at 4:30 lässts dann nochmal warm werden - dankeschön !
  • This track is great and it should be brought into attention again !!!