Do It Again

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  • Anybody else having trouble uploading new tracks?
  • all is working, try clearing your web broser chatch
  • Did that 1st.  Also tried from a different computer and also from my phone.   All I can do is comment and rate. 
  • Also contacted the admin via email but no response yet 
  • hi, I’ve listened your 6 or 7 latest bits, ethno techno huge potential in my opinion, reminds me my golden age of clubbing and Solveig&Salif Keita song Madan. Your experimentals interesting, mixing voices from films with music is also my thing, I guess we homerecorders sooner or later come to a conclusion that electronic is not enough and human voice is necessary sometimes. A propos DnB - it’s not like I don’t like it because I don’t play it, in fact all my songs are my lullabies, I relax and fall asleep with them. 140 BPM is definitely far out. But I used to go DnB clubs in central London because my workmate is MC Curse, day job security. I liked it despite too much booz and violence on such events, these are 2 things I’m not looking for. Thanks for positive comment under my production I appreciate it. Keep making music and experimenting. PS I also experienced some technical malfunctions by uploading, namely when uploading from android device the whole description went in cosmos I had to re-type description in comments couple of times.
  • I couldn't agree more.   I can sleep with completely instrumental music,  but the second I hear a voice,  I am tuned in  and paying attention.  Don't get me wrong,  I love purely instrumental music too.   But it's a different effect.   As for the ethnic percussion,   I have Boris Blank to thank for that.   Yello is one of my top 3 favorite bands of all time.   
  • The others being  Kraftwerk and The Art of Noise 
  • As for my technical issues,  if all else fails,  I'll create a new account.    I've wanted to change the name for a long time anyway 
  • Hi MrDadrox/new Custodian I Have same issue to upload bmx or mp3 track.I don't know whats going on ...
  • Custodian ... hmmm ..I'm thinking about Obsidian nick ?
  • That's a good idea.   I like it.