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I take no credit for the original recording sampled here.  Honestly, I don't know where I got it.  No disrespect is intended in this recording....I absolutely love the original song and have always found Native American music amazing and beautiful.  Struggling to figure which "genre" to categorize this in.  Hey Admin(s)  more genres please!
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  • A little bit reminds me Deep Forest band.I like this experimental genre.Maybe Ethnic Electronic?
  • You know?... I was thinking the same thing.   I absolutely loved Deep Forest's first album.  It wasn't my intention to imitate them.  I was just letting the sound guide me.
  • Or at least" Ethnic "?
  • It's getting to be time to update this site.  I say this as a user who has never paid a cent for use, but as a believer in the concept of freely sharing art.  I don't know what it costs to keep this page running, and I am not a wealthy man, but I wish I could help push this website in a direction that would benefit us all.  There are SO MANY talented musicians that have uploaded there work here!!!! 
  • *Their
  • Very interesting one! As a fan of Redbone (native american band of the seventies - the song "The witch queen of new orleans is a killer song) I enjoyed what you've created. Original and unusual music They known only for the use of their only hit "come and get your love" in the movie Guardians of the galaxy. It's not the song I like the most Here is the witch queen of new orleans : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyNYL2lUSMs 
  • I see you've also been having genre woes. :P I guess this would fall under ambient, experimental and world types of music.
  • Oh I am sincerely considering listing EVERY song I do as "experimental"  Maybe though, that is my EGO .  Next song is "drum and bass".   Uno, Dos, Tres.....