Let's Get Funky (original by thOke)

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MrDadrox & thOke
My antivirus keeps deleting the gear dll's from buzz.  The BMX sounded pretty primitive without all the enhancements, so I just extracted the original samples and worked with the mp3 version.  End result is not at all like the original.   It is what it is.
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  • you nicely melted the rhythm into funky drumming in the second half!
  •   Funky drummer seemed to work.  I have too many variations of it.  Hard to find the right one some times.
  • Hey MrDadrox,, there is some way to make some remix from loopcloud to win  some  $ ....if you make some remix ,some I think I got email from loopcloud,I think you could do it ,you are great for samples I think.I dont know
  • What do you think?,you are absolutely great to do this 
  • I'll look into it.  It'd be nice to get paid once in a while, although that's not my motive for the stuff I do.
  • Perfect!,better chance to me
  • If. You have a direct link to such a contest,   email it to me.Dave@pfpillows.com.  
  • I'll email to you. Sorry my unpleasant behaviour. 
  • I've never sensed "unpleasant behavior" from you.  it's all good