Quarantine #4 - Tin Foil Hats

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I keep seeing rising numbers...but directly around me, nothing changes.  Maybe I'm just lucky, but the paranoid part of my brain nudges me to keep my eyes open...like maybe the fear is being pushed on us for political gain.  Not that people aren't suffering ( and sometimes die ) from this, but it feels like we're being steered.
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  • About your description:Same here around me.Lucky?I have read comments on some forums about covid,people think that this virus was created with (well marked?) reason.I don't believe that but who knows..We can see,economy is depend of each other of us(countries EU,USA,ASIA).My employer produces goods for USA,Italy mainly for example.If this colaps we will stay home...I joined to Folding@Home project week ago,very old,become very popular this times,but today I put question to myself..Do my PC really calculating proteins for this covid project???
  • nice song anyway
  • Thanks!  I did Folding@home back in the day as well as Seti@home (actually had a Seti farm with 6 P.C.'s running 24 7 for about a year).  It's addicting watching your scores accumulate.  Not sure how the results are being used but I have faith in the general good nature of humanity and have confidence your results will be put to good use.
  • And even if they aren't...I've got your back.  The freedom of expression will always be defended.  Even when I don't agree with it.
  • Oh,6 PC's 24/7/ for a year,wow!I reserve about 5 hours/day with my PC. I agree with you,I faith in the general  good nature of humanity too.So our results will be put to good in use..