Quarantine #6 - Magma Flow (feat. Magmavander)

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Yep...I found my new mission.  As long as no one objects, I'm sampling and re-mixing tunes right from this very site.  This one has a sample from Magmavander's "PM-MAG-Pluck_it01" from waaaaay back in the day.  I love the original.  EDIT:  Original BMX written by thOke (as PatternMan) but recorded by Magmavander.
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  • The original here:  https://www.buzztunes.org/music/magmavander/pm-mag-pluck-it01-mp3
  • Nice house remix!Great
  • Oh yeah Cool Technicaly you remixed thOke. The original is from thOke, and you used his part in the remix You can dowload the original bmx of the thoke's original. I have to find the bmx of my own version. Anyway great great great remix!!
  • well dang.  Can't edit the song title, this page doesn't allow that.  You didn't mention that it's thOke on the page.  Sorry about that.
  • No problem, we are buzzers  It's because at this time thOke changed his name to PatternMan that's why you have PM in the title Here is what I wrote after your comment about this song : Thanks  The original theme (the first minute) was by thOke. I added all new instruments after (strings, drums, bass,synth solo). I like a lot this song. thOke is an awesome musician But dont worry about who is doing what, we have done so many songs together with thOke that it happens often that I cant remember who writed some songs ANd a BIG thanks for all the remix you do, they are Kooooool!!