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  • I think you've discovered a type of music you enjoy. I have some recommendations for you, maybe you can add a breakdown in the middle of the song. 
  • typical song structure for a technoIntroduction: This is where the song starts with an ambient or atmospheric sound to set the mood and introduce the listener to the track.Build-up: Next, the beat gradually starts to build up, adding more layers and intensity to the music.Breakdown: This is a section of the song where the beat drops out, leaving only a few elements to create tension and anticipation for the drop.Drop: The beat comes back in with full force, often with a new melody or hook that drives the energy of the track.Variation: The beat continues with variations on the main melody, adding or removing elements to keep the listener engaged.Breakdown: Another breakdown section, often with more intensity than the first, provides a moment of release before the final section.Outro: The song ends with a gradual fade out or a final burst of energy, leaving the listener satisfied with the journey they've been on. 
  • Yes...yes yes....kick drum driven songs that keep evolving....more rhythm than melody....the kind of songs you zone out to...that's where I want to be.
  • Jenny, you are the best of us.  Thank you for your patience and advice while I work this part of my creative thing....I may have found my spot...or at least,  a spot I shine in....but it won't be the only genre I work in.  I still like to experiment...probably always will