Lost Signal

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This composition about  destruction of the Terrestrial civilization and reception another race through some honeycombs of years of a signal sent by us in depths of the Universe...... The History of development and  destruction of our planet are ciphered in this signals....
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  • Very similar in style to your previous releases, yet has a few new and interesting moments. And, as always, a very talented piece, both in composition, instrument selection  and mixing. Hypnotizing...

    Отличная работа! 
  • BHS
    Very very nice.
    There is a sort of taste that ressemble me the style of Spacesynth music (put an eye at this site).
    The track is indeed good , the sound and the mix are at high quality, and there is a sort of mistic and cosmic feeling here, with good use of stereo delay and reverb.
    For my taste toward the end, for example at 04:48 when the drums comes back again for the final reprise, here i would putting a more definite and simple melody, with some cools chords and bass line and a lead instrument more in front (a classic moog lead synth for example), and in this final part pushing the global mix more dry (less reverb and the tail of delay more short). This is only an idea, the track infact give me a sort of crescendo feeling that needs a sort of final explosion.
    The story is similiar to one of my tracks.
    Can you give us also some detail about gear/software used here.
    Another thing is about MP3 codec using : the spectrum is abruptly truncated at 16Khz: is this wanted or is only a question of MP3 encoding ?.
    Compliments from me for this your work.
    Paolo BHS.
  • Big thanks guys for your opinions!!!!  

    My gear: Athlon X4 970 BE, RAM 4Gb DDR-2 800, MSI Radeon 6870 HAWK , Win 7 Ultimate, Buzz Tracker 1.2 with VST and internal effects and generators. Adobe Audition for post redaction and  CDex programm for convertation of wav to mp3.
  • Sorry about CPU - Phenom X4 970 BE and Sound Card  Creative Audigy 2 ZS Pro. Sound driver in Buzz Creative ASIO 2.0