Somewhere Far Away

Release date
Buzz 1.2, WinXP
Compressed audio (OGG/MP3)
File size
7.2 MB
Downloaded / played
30 times
3 times

License License
This work is released under Creative Commons
Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)

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  • it has this Slavish touch and nostalgia
  • thanks for positive comments under my production I appreciate it
  • I’ve listened some more tunes of yours by now like Freedom, Russian Soul, other electronic and they’re on good technical level, correct harmony, you don’t avoid complicated structure (have you completed any kind of classic music education?) and also very decorative which is part of your style. Also you are using basic setup, this is moving around within limited means what requires creativity and skill and also it was very fascinating and interesting in Buzz for me in 2001 when I’ve started to use it. I had Pentium2 with Soundblaster PCI card and Soundtracker2. Buzz was so much more powerful and versatile also FREE. I remember back then some talented actually your Landsmen were making absolutely great, fresh bits with just Pentium1 and old cheap guitar, sampling with PC microphone what brings us to the point, that Buzz allows us to make music regardless of how much can we invest in setup. I’m not an expert but I can share with you what changed in my music in last few years since I have had more time to make it. More playing instruments, more exercise; more dirt and live sound, learning mastering, theory, acoustics, covers to learn from favourite artists, getting out of my comfort zone, making mistakes and learning. Keep making music you have talent.