Merry Infectors

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Humor music
Inspired by GuiTmic's Christmas choon, decided to track something appropriate. They say Christmas is coming... A couple of Infectors for you and... Merry Christmas!
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  • In your country christmas seems to be a bit later than here in germany But, hey, tell us why do you have the ability for a nearly classical chor- or somenwhat like this notation. Great melodylines here. Happy infection back
  • guiTmic
    Yeehaaw! ...I love it ! ,your counter melody is marvellous and the climax with the padsyn is imposing ! superb sound ! Best wishes to you Shytan !... you've 10
  • Cool Work..Nice Ending!!!!
  • LOL..when is christmas again
  • i agree, nice choice of instruments and very good melodic addition
  • Merry Christmas 2 you too, man . & merry beer & merry buzzin' Thanks for fun!
  • magmavander
    Christmas will happens again the 7th of January. And it is my birthday ;D
  • guiTmic
    Hi, Shytan . Do you play keyboard in "Blue light" with Mag & ThOke ?????
  • Shytan
    Hallo, Gui! Yeah, the ePiano in the middle is mine, but I only tracked it in Buzz. I don't play keyboards at all, I'm afraid...
  • guiTmic's really well sold !!!!...vraiment bien, Shytan Super cool!!!
  • guiTmic
    ...Ooops!... it's really well DONE !!!! I mean....