Oomek tune (work in progress)

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I suspect this one will contribute to the collection of my never-to-be-finished snippets/tunes, but here's a little OGG preview of it anyway. 

A simple melodic phrase with some arpeggios and percussions. All made with buzz machines (OzO's, padsyns, Infectors and yes, of course, Oomek 303's), no samples, no VST, no wizardry As always, the old Buzz 1.2 was used. Enjoy!
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  • Wow, sounds good. Trancy part goes with a bit emotional mood, thats not usual for that genre, imo. I want to listen full version, Oleg. It has potential. 9

    hi. great track,, nice composition. u really now how it works.

    i dindnt understand your last comment..to quiet? check the full version if u got a chance


    regards. x

  • sounds really good so far ... please  finish it 
  • Thanks for feedback, folks. Really appreciate that.

    @Marcelo: by quiet I meant the volume level is... well, low. Open your buzztunes page, for example and play "Message from Alcione" and then "Universal...". You'll clearly notice that "Message" is louder, way louder. 
  • ok..got it.. thanks

    Still, check last version at...


    regards. x

  • I love this work in progress, Oleg - great arps, melodies and reverb space. One day if I get time I'd like to remix one of your tracks.... in between my day job, Dance-Industries.com work, playing CSS with you and your Ukrainian mates... --Davey--
  • Thanks, Dave. Really appreciate it.
    And yeah, your participation in our casual CSS matches turned out to be a lot of fun and, of course, a good practice of spoken English
  • Magnifique! It's magic, it seems to me that I'm floating thru stars in the cosmos while listening  Please, finish it!
  • Time to listen to a few of your tracks Shytan.

    And pleased I'am indeed

    not rating this because WIP
    checking your other works ...