Satisfaction (Medved-Benassi mix)

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Was making this trance tune. The track is intended to be long and contain female voice (if I find one).. In the meantime I inserted some Benassi voice samples - just for fun .. And I hope there's nothin' illegal in that. Anyway that's just a preview shite. Plz tell me what you think about the melodic part.
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  • guiTmic
    Although the trance style is not my cup of herbal tea , your overall sound is good ( the shytan touch is manifest ) the integration of your samples is successful and your melody is well built !
  • hmm, i like here more the pad and the filtered sound from the beggining as the melody that cames later. that would be a perfect goa/ambient track, realy nice psychadelic. later its to melodios for my taste, my opinion is make a remix with the beginning tunes.
  • I like both the montone beginning and the melodic rest. I especially like this sweepy pad thingy and flanged effect in the first part! Cool one
  • Are u pro shytan or a regular electronic music writer/producer in disguise?! That track was pretty neat to say the least - psychotrance I reckon with some nice samples thrown in!! Nice one, Davey
  • Thanks for commenting people.
    • to Monoton: yeah, really, the first part is totally different from the rest and I had troubles trying to put them together. And it's pretty monotone, I suppose, that's why you liked it
    • to DJ_DaveyJones: thanks for the good words... and speaking about `tracking in disquise`, that's probably the best word to describe it...
  • DuskDemon
    Yo Shytan! Very impressive.
  • Yo
    Benassi would like this.
  • Admin
    Track re-uploaded as MP3.
  • Piero
    Professional quality. I wanted to say "commercial quality" but this could be intended as an insult. Anyway, in my personal shytanic hit-parade, Maktub holds still the first place. I have to say not rarely I prefer your tracks accompanying my walks, thank you man. Sometimes I really wish I could code the "Spark of God" Modular Music Composer, so that you could express better your potential. As always, gotta go
  • That was awesome shytan! I can't say anything. All I want to say has been said by the others people!