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  • A very, very elaborate snippet I would say. Great!
  • some notes seem out of tune... but good atmosphere/mix, once again i like the bassline sliding
  • @vaisnava: Plz tell me when and which notes of what instrument? I wasn't quite sober when I was tracking that (neither am I now)... It's a drunk tune actually
  • Impressive track, with even more impressive drums ... . By the way which drummachine did you use for creating the drumsounds? 'Cause you created excellent, "discreet" drum rolls. (No "machine guns", if you know what I mean.)As always correct and solid technical work. I didn't here any discordant notes here, but perhaps I'm drunk too!?
  • This is a great VST called ezdrumms that I smuggled in through some torrent site, stole, to be exact.. Didn't pay a dime for it, so be it.... dammit. A great piece of software!
  • Thanks for your answer concerning the drums. We all know that you sometimes are a jester and that's pretty cool. I'm personally convinced you have an original registered version, but I won't look here again ... .
  • Louchtchenko
    Stop drinking vodka !
  • I drink beer and beer only!
    ...not anymore
    Creative and good sounding
  • This song is AMAZING>I love the delay work and the bass slides. The the hi and lo are eq'ed perfect between the bell synth and the bass. I listened to it on laptop and monitor speakers and the only thing I noticed is that the reverb comes in a little thick on the delayed pad/synth. But on a larger speaker system the song comes out a lot nicer. I give it a 10. Your tracks always end up as some of my favorites in my personal playlists as they dont always sound alike and never get boring.
  • BHS
    As always very interesting !! The drum is awesome, and also the total atmosphere, you are a wizard to using those slided bass line (is a 303 sampled and played with matilde trk ?). In these days I am listening again your track PRIMAVERA, and there is a wonderfull bass line with slide, thump, accent and so on ... all made with only one bass sample and Matilde Tracker, this is a great lesson for everyone. Every shot of Shytan always leaves the sign !
  • Thanks for comments, folks.
  • He, he, great of course, with tons of ove-rrebervered and delayed sounds I liked a lot the ePiano personaly. More please. Cheers!!!
  • Cool track and nice drums
  • Louchtchenko
    o.k for one or two beer BUT after having buzzed !!
  • hello to you know some of your songs got them from a friend i like this one - great mastering and ideas thought you must be a musical genius know now that you are one, after you had the blues
  • Nice track. Hehe.. You will probably have no idea what Crescent Dawn Online is but it reminds me of that game. It is a Blender 3D game using a network server making you able to play online with other people. It had tracks sounding like this, but this one sounds better. Great work as always!
  • Really never heard of that game.. Though I'm into Blender tightly. A very handy program for making skydomes and skyboxes