ACT 4 - Dormant Monster Waking up - Battle Game Play

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OST Game Track, Partial ACT-4 + Short Gameplay Loop

ACT 4 Bloody Heart Of War (Bloodswamp I)

They walk backwards, facing the now changed landscape
replaced by this.....this seemingly never ending sea of sewer (or what it seems to be)
red and green vines begin growing and rising up out of the savage waters...
bubbling, ugly coloured water that hosts the filthiest of smells.

These vines grow up to the sky and start to grow arms that stretch and even reach out on land, spitting the vomitous mirky liquid their rising from.

Dylan yells as he lands a wicked blow to the octopus-like creature popping and crawling towards him.....Blood jumps out of the cut given by his blade, and it retreats, flopping up and down, back and forth and finally, as more demonic slithering slimey creature vines rise; it falls back into the filth from which it came.

Game Screenplay by: Black Eyeliner Tears
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  • BHS
    The grand master, also knowed as Sjef , is here ! As always top notch quality. I don't understand if the track is made completely by you or if you have extracted some audio samples from the game and then added your ideas. Sorry, can you explain further please ? Anyway, my respect for this great work. Ciao. Paolo BHS
  • Impressive work!! I enjoyed it a lot. I also like the drum part very much ... but yes, please some more information.
  • Thank you. It is composed by me, and consists out of Sound libraries, with loose percussion samples, sliced up percussion patterns, Synthesizers and background atmospheric samples. For example the piano has been played live, no quantization grid. then later accents such as abient noises have been filled in in a subtle way to strengthen the flow/movement of these piano tones. The composition follows the Screenplay, which would make this a soundtrack for the part of this game,. The screenplay is an original writing by Black Eyeliner Tears, another musician that is here on buzz.
  • Truly atmospheric, brilliant work! Sounds combined perfectly. The drummy-electro part is more than impressive. Solid... If I were to sign as an "editor", this track would be an "editor's pick" for sure Ten from me, Sjef (P.S. by the way how's your name correctly spelled?)
  • Chef from the Salty Chocolate balls in South Park.
  • ???
  • [anonymous]
    You don't know Chef from Soutpark? hehe
  • Its pronounced as : Chef.
  • Shytan
    Ah.. Got it.
  • BHS
    Ok Sjef, you are very GREAT ! 10 from me. Respect. Paolo BHS.
  • BHS
    A further question : there is some way to watch a video of this game with your soundtrack ? For example can you upload a video on YouTube or on a another web site so we can see and listen this wonderful work ? Ciao.
  • There are no viuals yet, we are at the stage writing a Game concept, next to the screenplay and soundtrack we are looking for talented Concept Design Artists to do some sketches / storyboarding.
  • so if you know someone who is semi hobbyist with a wink towards trying to achieve this with us, let me know.
  • mag
    Great!! Writting and sounding are perfect. A jewel