The Awakening - Prologue (ProtoType)

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  • Awesome. Reminds me a tiny little bit of my own track 'Welcome Human'. I tried to create a background ambience like this but I made it a crappy track. I don't really like the synth you hear in the end. Leave it out and it's perfect in my opinion. Could you send me a version without the riff synth? It would be very nice to listen to.
  • jMj
    nice. sounds like a prelude to a sci-fi movie in space (borg cube approaching . I think the background drum/slam could use more variation.
  • flos
    I can understand what Ani is saying, I personally think that the synth riff is nice and fits well in the track, the sound is reminiscent of the old vintage electronica, you could try a glassy version of it, fm sines Astral Projection style, u know what i'm talkin about... great intro sjef!
  • BHS
    Great quality as always, and the atmosphere is really suggestive. For my taste the synth used at the end is perfect. Great work Svanlee !
  • Excellent!! Makes me wanna play video games or watch a scifi blockbuster Great work!!