Last Chrysanthemum

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"Sometimes we couldnt get what we want.
Although it is the most beautiful thing we've ever seen.
And it passed over by the time, leaving an unforgettable memory.
No more hope.. no more smile.. no more laugh.. only a couple of tears.."

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  • Great piece! Very uplifting. Thanks
  • Oh!!! I love this, Tarida! Very very nice, positive mood, good energy.

    Just pre-mix or track ended?

    Anyway, many thanks for sharing, beautiful work

  • This track is going to the top of my list for the next podcast!   Sounds wonderful in every way.  Actually sounds kinda what I might come up with Melodically.   The drums and fills are as well done as the melodic content.  mixing and dynamics are very much improved.  I can tell you worked hard on polishing this track.  WELL DONE!!!    A perfect 10 here! 

  • I can't stop listening to this track.  
  • > I can't stop listening to this track.

    Same here  
  • @Shytan: Thanks a lot Shytan
    @Leah: U're welcome Leah glad you liked it. Nope, it just track ended. 
    @Xaphoid: Thanks Xaphoid  This song was originally inspired by my actual life, composed it with sad mood and i'm surpride it will be on october podcast! Wow!

    Once again thanks alot for streaming on it
    Hope you enjoy it..
    Last Chrysanthemum
  •   OK, I think you really deserve a ten for this!! Congrats, Tarida!

    Here is another one that can not stop listening to your track!! heheeee

  • BHS
    No other words. Absolutely great work here.
    Only one thing : at 02:01 , when the filter from closed starts to open, there is a strange noise in sync with the bass drum; if you can avoid this the track is near perfection for sound and mixing quality.
    Very good.
  • @Leah: I hope, you will not be bored glad to knows you click it many times Leah.
    @BHS: (I might have guessed, someone will talk about this )
    I've tried to fix it manytimes before I upload it.
    fault lies in the sound of the kick, which is too compressed.
    That noise will be lost, if I reduce the low kick volume.
    But it would make that beat sink behind the bass melodic.
    So I decide not to changed it.
    Thanks for your comment BHS I should have to learn more about mixing.