Drones (bmx)

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  • Complex. Garage crashs. Anyway, good folding of instruments. Like. Perhaps I would try to give the drum looperII pattern1 a 2nd snare at row 22 or so
  • Sorry about that HD Garage. This was really old bmx, I was using often this machine in many older projects. I'll be less using this machine when I upload here on bTunes, to avert crashing another buzzers.I Promise.I will try do something with that looperII Thank you HerrFornit!
  • I like it a lot. Nice cosy music. Comfortable.
  • That's nice. Reminds a little of Plaid's Restproof Clockwork record. BMX loads fine here. A trick to load crashing files with garage is - restart BUZZ and load garage into a new empty file and then open the crashing bmx.
  • Thank you thOke. Exactly, I used this trick with old setup of Buzz Now, or time ago with new setup Buzz build 1503 ,when I changed Windows compatibility in preferences Buzz.exe file ,working with any crashes.(Win7 x64,Win 8.1 x64).I don't know how works in Win10.. 
  • Thank you vacuum !
  • I like a lot your "layering" way. Very sophisticated work.