Isolated Times

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Hmmm,just a snippet of my not finished track.Still working,I mean my occupation.Children home...Quick mastered with Ozone8
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  • give it some glue (musically  not technically) and it is gonna be  good song. Interesting vocal effects, is it double tracked?
  • That ChepsOmnichannel doesn't give that effect.It's basically wav sample ,it has a little effect.Then HALYverb and Melda pitch,I have downloaded from your suggestion before, HF.Cheps Omnichannel I bought when the price was at minimum.But first I tried demo version for 7 days.image: ,,thanks
  • No,It is not double tracked,but sometime I do it
  • Yes. I use it, too. Thanx.
  • Are you pleasd with Ozon8? I downloaded it for free but I used it only once. (thanx  for hint these days)
  • I'm happy with that,but like you said,it is 'hardware consumer'.I mean,I can have good performance PC,but I can feel from Ozone more CPU usage.It can be used just only for limiter,but sometime I use master assistant for EQ and master full audio track,everything automatic.So maybe somebody doesn't like it.Hard to say.
  • Not regular using from my side !
  • LOVE IT!  Awesome!
  • Your music often makes me think about India. Kind of mystic music  It makes me fly.
  • What does it mean india ?I would like to maybe visit Tibet sometime...I don't know why but I think to feed some mysterious energy from that place.. hehe...don't worry I'm normal,,, sometime madman .....sorry
  • No,I'm wrong.Every place on Planet is great,just depend of us behaviour