Junend (rmx)

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AAAhhh , school holidays begins.... children shouting...
I removed VoidBass like Mag and HerrFornit suggested and add FSM Infector. I used VST plugins : Hybrid3,Xpand!2 and LoungeLizard EP-4 to play easy melody on keyboard (Sorry I just learn to play,so it's not so good).Used some wav loop : ´70s Funk 1 Groove 6a´,and recorded children on the street.

VST plugins I purchased from PluginBoutique for very good price
Thanks to Magmavander and HerrFornit to inspired me,and for them interest.Much appreciate.

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  • hey, new version!
    brilliant, really. Great mellow atmosphere.  Superb mix with space. Bass is now warm and strong.

    I'd like to hear more of that nice organ at the end of the song. That is giving the song an extra ease. Perhaps already in the middle part.?
  • Thank you HerrFornit!
    Yes it  continues,good detection .But I made mistakes on keyboard,so it sounds  very bad,so I had to cut it...It's sometime impossible to make whole right song with my crazy two children...
    That organ is LoungeLizard EP-4 VST.I think,similar sound is possible vith some Buzz machine,I'm not sure which one it is..
  • Ah cool!! Enjoyable music. That's why I love that much buzz jams  
    Starting with a little simple theme and finish with a superb song like here
    Finaly you finished it!!
    10 of course...
  • I'm listening to it in loop and never get tired. Amazing song.
  • Thank you very much Mag!
    Yes,finally after years I finished it ,that's funny a bit..never thought I'll do...Because of you guys,you inspired me,you said it is good theme,and your nice remixes,great !!!so I had to do it

  • Mag,your songs are cool as well ! I'm listening... I'm very late B.Tunes user unfortunately....