My Spring Loop

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buzz file,short loop for fun.Don't worry,not Björk today
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • What is this "Mix IO"?  I see it  in yours as well as Magmavander's shows up as "missing" in mine, but when I double click, all the controls are there.
  • mixIO is mixpanel effect machine.You can download here or here many machines from Tinga:
  • Or more various machines pack from magmavander on buzz forum
  • I have so much to work out..when I extracted the files, I was asked if I wanted to overwrite existing files...  So, it was already there, but not functioning as intended.  * shaking head *  now you see why I gave up the first time on Buzz.No worries, I am not giving up a second time.
  • BUT!!!  I will bounce back and forth with the other software I have installed.
  • Extract generator and effects to your new created folders for exaample as 'missing' and then collect your missing machines to jeskola>buzz>gear folders.I'm using sometimes Total commander for this.(
  • and 7zip here:https://www.7-zip.orgmy effect folder image with mixIO>
  • my eff.folder>
  • I can hear the green growing ! Nice!
  • Thank you thOke
  • You recognized literally thOke !!!