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Peace and respect Found older buzz file and remixed.I was thinking to add this song on Christmas time never mind.I used here some VST instruments --Drums :VD Solid  ,Choirs : Omnisphere2,Buzz machines:Violins : Jeskola XS-1- (GM.xs1)0:40 Violin preset,Bass : Table buzz machine,,Flute:Slide Flute,stereo Bells:ArpMan v0.94. Reverbs effects used from Waves plugins.
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  • aahh, would have been a nice Christmas song. But with your recent productivity, perhaps we can expect a a Christmas song  by you this year? Again great full fat drum sound. Funny I am just working at a hip hop song with choir
  • Yeah, funny hehe , forwarding to Christmas hip hop... Thanks! 
  • Or choir, sorry, I'm owerworked I think, after night shift, going to sleep... 
  • peaceful snow-hop with asian touch Nice.
  • Relaxing and peaceful song. What a marvelous work on sounding. You are a Master in spacing placement. All is clean and bright. J'adore!!
  • thank you all, guys! 
  • Without a doubt, you have truely mastered making songs produced with Buzz sound amazing.  This one hits all the right spots.  Wonderful!
  • Thank you MrDadrox !Sometimes really experimenting with sound and randomly hit that right setup on mix and then master chain haha.. sometimes Thanks.