Q Dreams

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Alternative Rock
influences: YES("Cinema" and all stuff from them..),Pink Floyd maybe.I grew up with Yes and PinkFloyd,Jon and Vangelis etc..
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  • He he A time travel machine song I like it very much! Cosmic feel
  • Ha ha, Yes it is.. Thanks Mag! 
  • Yes, really a bit of that epic pink Floyd sounds. Again superb sound design from you. I would not know how to do.  As I know, you like some feedback, I acknowledge an observation: at about 8 sec.  the incoming drums are somehow not connected to the background intro. Don't know if that is a technical "glue" matter or just a rhythm matter. But that disappears a bit after hearing the song again. Just my impression at hearing your song the first time. CU...
  • Thank you HerrFornit.I uploaded test .bmx file on forum '64bit migration topic',but without the guitars(Omnisphere2) and Hammond piano loop wav file.If you want to download  https://forums.jeskola.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2554
  • thank you for that link. My Buzz closes after loading the song. Just wanted you to know 
  • Oh no.I'll check that.
  • Those drums!  Nice work on this one.  Definitely a psychedelic feel to this one.  Yes, Pink Floyd influence...I hear that for sure.