Q dreams demo

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There are not guitars and hammond piano included in this file.Sorry for that.I removed VST plugins: mvMeter2 x64,  K-meter x64 and mixpanel NCAR.Hope this file will not crash Buzz
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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This work is released under Creative Commons
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  • VST plugin elay Studio from Minimal system group:https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/10-Delay/472-Delay-Studio
  • yes, grabbed it. Downloaded the delay vst from freevst, no login Had to rebuild parameters of the jeskola stereo reverb manually, because it didnt load, although in place (renamed?). Anyway now it works, thanks for new upload! The qsamo is awesome!
  • Thanks ,you tried the bmx. Oh no, I didn't renamed it.I swear, I renamed just only Arpman (version 0.8) to "Arpman2.dll"nothing else.Same for that drumkits I didn't renamed it.I was surprised that time...I think about loop 2004.Weird..
  • pic
  • https://ibb.co/7CTpvsF
  • File loads fine here. Great Qsamo, tasty prog rock drumloop! Nice.
  • Thank you thOke .Yes I gree,Qsamo is great.
  • Yes, Who knows? perhaps it's you have two versions of Jeskola Stereo Reverb (stereo). I have only one "Jeskola Stereo Reverb", Don't bother, I didnt try the other 
  • I just realise that both your and my song use Qsamo and have the word dream in the title. Unconscious action
  • he he ,I noticed it too..maybe quantic action haha