Seeds Of Inception

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I never know what genre to choose I selected house.Don't look at the frequency range spectrum of track please ,doesn't look so ideal I'm working on it still. I would like thanks to magmavander especially,he learned me how to use,edit parameters in patterns much ,much more effectively.Thank you Mag enjoy
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  • I dont know if it is house but anyway I know it's excellent The EQ is not that bad, it depends on what you wanted as sounding. Maybe the bass can be a bit louder ? When you say thanks to meyou say thanks to a lot of buzzers that helped me That's the force of buzz : community
  • I appreciate your modesty,I don't  doubt about Buzz community ofcourse,but I can't imagine it without you, my best -community-  friend ! Thanks
  • for me its ambient/dubLike your bass very much merging with the rhythm. Is it a cloud drum in the last third?I would prefer a shorter intro, but don't care about that.
  • Thanks HerrFornit.About long intro:Maybe I was motivating long time ago with one track ,I mean concrete track 'Kittens' from Underworld,there is passage(4:25) without drums takes about 2 min.It is not intro otherwise,so maybe ,maybe I wanted to create something similar and change the variation.But I don't want compare my track with that band ofcourse..
  • no Problem. My taste, your decision
  • I melted into this...and then, 2/3 of the way through, I got up and boogied. 
  • hehe , thanks MrDadrox
  • Bass is ok, but you shoud separate it from kick. Just add EQ for kick at 200-300 and higher, to make it more clicky, and rise 500-600 for bass. Jusy imho) Nice track!
  • Thanks a lot Solshadda for your opinion I'll check it definitely.