Spectra rmx (original by MrDadrox)

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  • less is more, sometimes
  • I spent less time with track like I use to .. Just listened on monitor speakers and not so happy with that. I'll look again to it.Thanks for comment Jenny
  • Wow..it was so long ago I did the original...This is a very pleasing sound....I think the issue comes from  the sub bass...it stands out a lot and mushes with the original bass and bass drum a bit.  ( this is the hardest part of mixing for me...)  Your additions  are great though.  and such clean sound.  You always amaze me with your creative mixes and re-masters
  • I wish I had you around with my early buzz stuff.  the old songs always sounded good in my headphones, but not so much through good speakers.
  • Thank you MrDadrox for kind words !I have seen your buzz track Spectra recently in 'Tune of the day' .. I'm really glad you liked some of my remixes.. 
  • Yeah ! exactly  low-end , bass drum, sub bass ,etc.., I don't like sometimes , same hard part for me, when mixing. There is that issue. When I listen these band frequencies in Buzz DAW, or many tracks here on bTunes through MiniDisc Deck player with headphones (47 Ohm),I can hear the distortions in some moments. Maybe too loud master(LUFS).When listen another audio stream sources(compared to SomaFM player for example)--similar/same loudness ,the distortion disappear. Have to find out what's goin on ...