Temporal Fluid Days II

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Today I did some order in my older nostalgic box of my CDs,DVDs library and found CompactDisc, where was written Fluid and other...oh my god,that could be some music from  PlayStation i made looong time ago,I think 1998-1999..I though myself.I put this CD to computer and upload here.I made some compression with Ozone8.This is authentic sounds from PlayStation console,"music game" called Fluid.This is just for fun and rarity!!!,and first time I didn't upload music from Buzz.
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  • https://ibb.co/xsYfVLs
  • I didn't know about Buzz before I made this.I meet Buzz about 1999/2000. 
  • Hey this is great VEry video game inspiration. Bravissimo Maestro
  • not bad for a game.  Watched the dolphin at youtube. Nice idea.
  • Oh,I watched too at youtube,that's crazy omg..uphff
  • That box is full of treasure!  Half-Life2 and F.E.A.R.?  man that takes me back a bit.
  • Oh, and yes.  That tune is AWESOME!
  • Thanks MrDadrox
  • Came back to this one a few days later just to mellow out.  Love it!
  • In this audio game, I just connected some audio  samples each other,if I remind,there wasn't able to set any notes.Thanks anyway