What Could Be 2 (original by Temporalsounds)

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some EQ about vocal and another...I added to vocal AmbientReverb 4.0 from VST planet
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  • that's better . The vocal sample has ended a bit too abruptedly. Did some mastering/bass EQ, too? I think about harder pads .
  • Yes I did.Total mess...
  • https://ibb.co/HGzydzN
  • oh yes, total mess!  :lol: thanx for pic.
  • Effective remix, sounds better to me, really a good work on sound. Some beautiful use of reverb here  
  • Thank you Mag.I was trying to achieve with HALYverb something similar to AmbientReverb4.0 for the vocal.Not success.I have printed time ago machines from robotplanet...to have better summarypic: https://ibb.co/g3bzkQX
  • HAlyVerb is not that easy to tweak. But I think you can really make good work with it. It often helps to use a chorus before HalyVerb to avoid "metalic" sounding and smoothing a bit the sound.I noticed that you have some fx that are going to a dead end like the Jeskola's Kharu and the Joachim's Venus with the Mtrk3 ALl the best and keep in good health!!
  • What is amazing is that HALYVerb have been done in one day :-o Ah, inspiration...
  • Yes Mag,good noticed.Tried to Kharu and Venus testing experimentaly,but finally 'deadend'.. Good health to you and all buzzers!everyone on planet.keep connected please...
  • Yes!  Nice.  Songs like this make me want to dive back into Buzz.  I miss the setup I had, but songs like this give me hope that I can get it back where I had it and have some fun with music again.
  • Thanks MrDadrox Yes,Buzz is powerful DAW with endless possibilities,like magmavander says:'Buzz is the most creative trackers and daw on this planet!!' Did you PM to Mag on buzzforum to help setup your Buzz?Mag helped me a lot about modify Buzz.
  • Hey MAGMAVANDER, do you mean HALYverb was coded in one day !? Crazy if so.  Its very useful for Hall-effects, I think.  Do you have presets for it?
  • Or any body else.