Just A Simple Little Theme 03 (Original by MV & TS) MP3

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thOke & magmavander
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  • Listening to it at work on a very little speaker and woaw !!  I am impatient to listen to it with my headphones. Guyz you have made a fabulous remix !!!!  I love it  : D
  • WOAAW! Amaaazing remix! I just come home from work and really curious to look in buzz file for details  !!! (homework with son will do on Sunday..)
  • Excellent!
  • I looooove these new drums!! They funkyfied the song You were very inspired thOke, makes me glad and happy What a marvelous remix, so much fantastic adds, sounds and ideas. merci!
  • ANd the vocal fx from TS is great too
  • Vocal was selecting really gently and precise to feel like spring-summer time feeeling maybe hehe ,just forget to cut some megabytes of sample... thOke did.Thank you !
  • Hey, thanks! It was fun to jam again!
  • much fun in it from you three! nice.