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Progressive Rock
From time to time i am trying to achieve a metal sound with buzzmachines ... it's always too thin or too distorted or the bass is too muddy. Next attempt!
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • I agree, I think even with vst its hard to be hard. Buzztler was so nice to give some a elaborate answer :
  • I remember a short dialogue with solshadda about good sounding guitars. He stated that most important is the input (well, a real guitar of course ha ha ?   ) Following that  you need a lot of harmonics or something like that in the signal ??
  • It's hard!
  • I have so much non-functional or missing gear.  All I get when I play it through Buzz is the drums.
  • Which, by the way, are awesome.  So much work went into this song...I can see it.
  • Here is the bmx packed with machines: ... but it does not work in Buzz x64. I tried that.
  • AH thanx for machines, but kibibu serpent can not be loaded  and crashs loading: "das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden"
  • @MrDadrox ,Hey,are you using 64-bit Buzz or 32-bit ? thanks
  • @HerrFormit: Try this or look here:
  • thank you very much thOke, unfortunately none of the versions can be loaded here, even as a single machine. Same error message. Smells like c++ library or compilation problem... ?
  • started a threat in the forum