Night of the Shooting Stars

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Hi everyone. This is my first upload and I hope it won't be the last, because I've created a few more tracks in the past and I'm happy to upload them here. However, this is the track I'm most happy with, as it was at a time when I already knew how to use a tracker a bit. When creating this track, I was inspired a bit by the music of the Delerium formation from their early days, when they were still creating in the spirit of Dark Wave (before they changed to a more trance-like style). A few words about me. My name is Robert and I am a programmer by profession. I got involved with jeskola at the beginning of the 21st century and I really liked the way music was created in it. However, I had to focus on my professional life and over time I gave up composing completely. However, I didn't give up my love of music, as I set up an online store where I sell new and used vinyl records. Enjoy listening!
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  • I like it,  especially the the last 2 minutes or so.   It has In 80's cinematic feel to it.   
  • Very natural track. Very good builing up. Good presentation too: Glad to know a new buzzer !I wouldn't be surprised if this is in fact a bmw. (a track that shows your skills in buzz because of not using the wavetable)
  • hey, glad you made it back.