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done for breakpoint 07 music competition.
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3.7 MB
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  • WHOA! Another piece of masterwork here I love the kind of 8-bit feeling it has. And again, the bassline pumps like crazy ol' harvester. Shit man! U rule!
  • BHS
    No word to add. Your profile is here from 2007 ... why there aren't any tracks from you till now ?? Anyway, are there some possibilities to upload also BMX of your music ? My compliments.
  • Inspired by Rob Hubbard, I guess. =)
  • thanks dudes ! back then i had a slow internet-connection and was unable to upload big files. i would upload bmx but since i also use commercial vsti it would be of no use. unfortunately the max. filesize is limeted to 5mb making it impossible to upload longer tracks with a reasonable quality. anyway i will provide screenshots of the setup next time. most of the time i use a general setup and delete unsued stuff afterwards :
  • Xaphoid
    Ogg vorbis puts out a great quality/compression ratio just use that for longer tracks
  • mag
    I like this one more than the previous. Very good sounding. Cool theme. I enjoyed, thanks!