Venusian clouds

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this is the kind of slow 3/4 beat ambient track for watching the nightsky while standing on the beach.
machines used:

matide tracker
vst synths

cng recorder

automaton compressor mkII
firesledge parameq
joachims tethys
ld transient

fuzzpilz unwieldy delay
sonic verb

rymix stereobox pro
oomek exciter
joachims limiter
cheapo amp

oomek masterizer
i am using this kind of setup very often.
most of the time it is all i need.
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  • BHS
    This is amazing !! Incredible and wonderful intersection of sequences and melodies. There is a nice touch of elegance and the mix/sound/mastering is really at pro level. Great respect for your work. I feel, in someway, that you know music theory. I would be happy to know if in this tune you used only Buzz and free VSTs. Great work here.
  • BHS
    P.S. this tune reminds me some tracks by the great Shytan. Hey, Oleg , how are you ?
  • I love this one, I didn't expect to like a track with this sort of feel, it's a little retro or something. reminds me of a soundtrack to some movie. The title is fitting, the beats have a sort of gracefulness to them like they're under some different gravity than ours. I really don't know a good way to describe it, it feels like something that should be a little corny but there's a lot of feeling behind it. I think this is a lot more "IDM" than the other track too, the beats are more abstract
  • mag
    Very well done again. Very good production. But I liked more the previous one.
  • xeR
    could be the theme for credits or an invitation - nicely done
  • 10 for this one - an absolute must-have!