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Used Urs Heckmans powerful vsti version of the tyrell synth for most sounds in this song.  

c64 chords - Tyrell 
Legato lead - Tyrell 
Bandbass Bassline - Tal Noisemaker
Sustained low Bass - Linplug Alpha Full 
Drums -samples thru TAL Reverb 3 
Radiosignal plucks - Tyrell 
Piano - mda Piano 
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  • A lot of cool sounds in 'right' place and played in 'right' way! I enjoyed a melody and background! Femine voice sample is cool too . Tyrell is a beast with great sounding but eats many of cpu time on my Pc.
  • I enjoyed steaming this track. Your sounds istruments is so clear & real. Can you describe the meaning of this "Envy" so that we can imagine the real of hidden meaning behind this song.
  • The song title doesn't really have a meaning behind it.  I picked the word because I needed a title instead of just Track6_11_11.  Envy sounded like a cool word so I chose it.  
  • Man, that's just awesome. Your tracks are becoming more and more elaborate, structured, melodic. A definite must-have for the podcast. 9 here from me.

    Thanks for another great contribution.
  • BHS
    Only one word : Fantastic.
    As Shytan says , your tracks are becoming even more intricated and behind there is a great work.
    Good. Really good.
  • Good work