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This short movie style ballad is inspired of the Mass Effect Series of games.  ME 3 really touches on so many themes relevant to the struggles of humanity.  For all our fighting and disagreements we strive through the chaos to give balance to the universe.  We could be the destroyers and the creators of our futures all wrapped up in one.  We love and we struggle for what is right.  We hate and we claw at the abyss like the raging animals we come from.  We are the Chaos we are the Order and we must forever be that which we struggle against.  

I think about the senseless wars we carry on for ideals that are mere illusions and it makes one cry and scream for all this untold suffering.  Ukraine, Syria, and all the wars in Africa.  It is for not.  It is for our vanity and self importance we fight.  Destroyers and Creators we are ever locked in battle.   
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  • Thanks, man.... Really appreciated.
  • Cool and chill space feeling