Siren among the waters

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Hopefully stands the hairs on your neck up.  Enjoy
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  • That's the style! Glad you've shared one of your great trance tunes. Very beautiful. Please consider adding it to your next podmix.
  • Beautiful work, Xaphoid. Very special trance,  unique: you've chosen the perfect sounds so as to transmit the idea of an ideal aquatic atmosphere... an ideal oceanic realm. Congrats for this, and doubtless, a complete ten from me
  • Usually I don't like trance much. But this sounds absolutely great.
    I enjoy it a lot. The synths are super phat.
  • BHS
    The hair on my neck are stand up !!!
    Totally awesome !!!
  • I love the way you composed the soft lead here. I can say it must be the siren you mention here. Beautiful emotion.

    1:33 is amazing!
  • glad everyone likes it!  I guess great things come quick because the whole thing took 4 hours from start to finish in one night.  Many times it is like that for me.  I compose like I'm possessed or something and then I come back and think wow it sounds great.  Umm how did I manage that?   lol 
  • Listening om my iPod, along with other stuff by you.

    10 and a half from me