Septimal Anarchy

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Gear Demo
R.A. gear demo, made a year ago or so when I didn't have a computer and could only use a borrowed one, and save a minimal buzz installation on my mobile phone. Also I only had the built in speakers on my friends old laptop and sometimes I used the headphones (with 1 decimeter long cable or less) of my mobile phone to see how the sounds really sounded. Those were some hard days but didn't stop me from buzzing.
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • Sixafterseven
    I like the VOX. Very cool percs too! The groove feels like it needs to bust out with some Jguitar or Omega. I am seriously going to use that rectal anarchy VOX for some trance now. Never used it before. Thanks!!
  • Shytan
    The same here. Amazing machine and I should have given it a good use before. Nice melodies and a pretty remixable theme here.
    Yoho, "Buzz Of Kings" is shown as a very flexible machine here . Amazing use of the r_anarchy here, well done xenobioz ... buzzmachines are very variable ... Yes, Shytan do it please, remix it, perhaps the result can compare to your older stuff that is still available here, checked out the Verticale I+II ... absolutely over the top ...
  • Thanks guys! And feel free to remix!
  • Lizard
    Hmm, can't open this one How close is your remix to the original, MixxxAd?
  • MixxxAd
    @ xenobioz: first of all thank you for your original, that shows some of the power buzzmachines have @ Lizard: I think my rmx is close to the original, if you concentrate on the song structure, but i switched some effects and added some new ones to reach some different sounds. Only one new melody line is added with another rectal instance, so xenobioz original is worth listening, perhaps try again, or xenobioz can upload an ogg or mp3?
  • I'm sorry you can't open it Lizard, do you have nubuzz? Maybe I should upload a mp3.