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  • beautiful! this 303 is really refreshing. did you use chorpse on it?
  • Well well well...This certainly has a different feel to it unlike most conventional acid tracks. There are certainly more moods and I quite like the Infector style bassline in the middle. Very clear cut 303 squelches plus there are many twists and turns in this track. One thing I do think you could have done with is that as you have some great bassline pads going on, in my opinion it would go hand-in-hand with a more breakbeat rhythm rather than a steady 4/4 kick - if not all the time then maybe just for parts of the track. Nice enough anyway Davey
  • thanks for taking the time to comment daveyjones! the track is kinda buggy ill return back to it lateron today. thats not chorpse, its phatman funkyverb->comp->phatman->transient->limiter
  • this is realy cool . subtle , and yet direct . nonchalant , and yet focused .nice 303 , moves well .thanks .
  • Wonderful.. The straight 4/4 doesn't spoil it at all imho. And the shuffle brings animation. And the 303! Of course, the 303.. They're good, although I don't like 303 in square osc mode, but still I like the overall sound and mood of this track. But what does the title is supposed to mean?
  • thanks greenfinger, shytan, i thought square osc fit better here..( i prefer saw or sine usually) 115_21 means: song 115, revision 21.. i'd like to finish this track..but it's like spaghetti now :/ revision 26
  • Shytan
    Man! 26th revision! Wwah! And concerning the 303 waveshape, try switching between saw and square. randomly or whatever.. Dunno... Sometimes brings good effect.