Major updates on BuzzTunes.org

Hello everyone! BuzzTunes.org has been updated to a new Laravel engine. Good bye, the good old CodeIgniter, you have served us well all these years Although the website looks pretty much the same, the core has been totally rewritten. Here are the most noticeable changes that appeared upon refactoring:

  • new online player (will continue playing tunes even while navigating except for explicit page reloads and in "My BuzzTunes");
  • background OGG to MP3 conversion of OGG tracks for previews;
  • quick and lazy PLS generation for those who like to listen to their favorite genres in a radio-like manner;
  • background zipping for source formats;
  • new responsive design (no more microscopic views on mobile devices).

There's more, of course, I just don't seem to recall 'em all. It's been a rough night He-he.. And yes, some features like uploading a remix are currently disabled. I'll bring them back shortly.

Please, give the new site a try and report me some bugs in case you spot any. Happy New Year, my friends and may this year 2016 bring peace to your hearts, happiness to your families and good music to your ears!

Submitted by Shytan


  • After testing all is ok. My dear Oleg, as usual, you did a great work. You are for eternity a star in the Buzz scene. As BuzzTunes creator and as musician THANKS!!
  • Thanks for the improvements and running this service Oleg.

    It’s been 11 years since I’ve uploaded my 1st (totally unmastered - no any compressors, limiters or EQ whatsoever) bit. It was buzzmusic.de back then I guess.

    If I can call any internet community my constant and long run ‘home group’ that would be buzztunes. Inspirations, new ideas, thoughts exchange with other home recorders and musicians.
  • Hello tried it with my mobile phone and it works very well
  • good job!
  • Admin
    Brought back the "upload a remix" functionality. The button is added to every tune's page (when logged in, of course). It could be easier this way.
  • Great Job Shytan. Player is a good improvment.
  • Admin
    Fixed the registration bug. Thanks to Zwei Kreise for reporting.
  • Oleg thanks for putting in all this effort.  
  • Just signed up yesterday. Buzztunes has been my online radio for the last 3 weeks. Thanks for turning my laptop and smartphone back into a decent online radio station. Really, for a 70's kid your interface works like a charm. 

    Thanks man.
  • Admin
    Welcome to BuzzTunes and thanks for the comment. Btw, got the online player enabled for mobile devices as well.

    Haven't tested on Androids though...

  • BHS
    As always the "magician" Shytan is not a only a great musician but also a very fine web designer !!!
    Very well done Oleg, this new site seems very fluid.
    I hope to find some spare time to come back here on BuzzTunes and upload some of my new tracks.
    Good music to everybody. ....

  • Admin
    Wow, Paolo, it's been a while! Good to see you back here and please do upload your stuff. It's always a pleasure to listen to.
  • Hi. The mp3 dont play on my samsung galaxy in firefox. Looks like the picture in the thread above but no music.
  • Ok ts the noscript addon even with whitelisting
  • Admin
    Can't fight the addons It's way beyond my powers.