Chasing a Dream

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An old song. A classic sound from the 80's . The Main theme was composed by me about in the 1992 only with my acoustic piano. Now, from sept 2008 until jan 2009 i have re-arranged it completely. As always here I have used only Buzz2008, BuzzMachines and free VST/VSTi.

... and a really Happy New Year 2009 to everybody !
P.S. edit 16.01.2009 : for some strange issue the mp3 file is encoded at 32Khz (instead of 44Khz) . I'll try to re-upload it.
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  • Nice full length song, gives me an 80's italo disco feeling but with more warmth. For this style of music, the mix sounds very decent.
  • BHS
    Many thanks Sjef.
  • Hehe, the first notes remind a lot of your "rising mount". Really catchy melody you've got here. Also it has a very good arrangement!
  • Sixafterseven
    The baseline reminds me of the goonies nes theme. Not totally just a little. It gives it a sense of nostalgia I really enjoyed.
  • @Lizard: Paolo's melodies are always catchy. This one is great. Deep retro feeling and clear sound production.
  • BHS
    Thanks to everybody !. @Sjef : "mix sound very decent" this said from you is like a big compliments for me. Really, i am not joking, i have great respect for you. @Lizard : you are right ! I have used many instruments and sound how in the "rising mount" track. You are very precisely. Thanks you for this accurate listening. @Shytan : to much kind, but I must thanking you, I have learned many things from yours bmx files.
  • sounds dreamy for me. and what you need here is a nice vocal. good work
  • I dig this version of your track and enjoyed the "bitter-sweetness" in it, really a kind of melancholic dream chasing, makes me think of some days in the past ...
  • Has an oldschool tracker feel to it which really brings me back. Catchy melodies indeed.