Chasing a Dream (44Khz)(original by BHS)

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The same track with better encoding of MP3.
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  • BHS
    I have done some wrong settings with the previous MP3 file. So if some one is interested, i have re uploaded the track with better MP3 quality. Ciao.
  • mag
    Hi paolo, what a cool little synth pop tune. Would be cool to listen to it while drinking an expresso caffé on some Bordighiera's beach Mama mia, que bella musica. It has a spring/summer feel I enjoyed, thanks!!
  • Nice track, BHS.
  • Ciao BHS, late, but hopefully not too late I want to give some feedback for your "work of art". I like your track a lot it is a bitter-sweet piece of music. I listened to it a lot and still enjoy it. Keep up the good work, but I want to say that I like the former version a bit more, because in this "better encoded version" there are some strange sounds, something gurgles at one point ... I think it's the piano ... but it 's still amazing ...
  • Rowan Atkinson
    A flattery is never too late
  • BHS
    Sorry Buzztler, but I have missed this your comment. Anyway thanks a lot, i am really pleased that you likes my tracks. You are a meticulous listener ! Ciao.