Help Requests Signals From The Planet Earth

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Planet earth are sending signals.
Planet earth needs help.
Another form of intelligent life from another galaxy is able to decode the signal.
They might help the planet earth.
(maybe i must see less science fiction !!).
P.S. if someone wants here is an mp3 with better bit/rate (225kbs-9.1MB)
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  • Oh My God! I have lost the Klingon's phone number... Really Paolo, your music is a time travel machine Thanks!! La la laaa...
  • Great tune! Great arrangement, Paolo. Where are the voices taken from?
  • BHS
    Many thanks Shytan and Magma. And so , this is my first experiments with music and voice. For Shytan : the voice is IBM Text to Speech synth, I wrote the text on this site and downloaded the synthetized voice wav files. Re listening this morning with another headphone and in my car, I am not so sure about the quality of voice, maybe too much effects. If somebody tell me if the words are enough clear and understanding. If they are not so clear I can go with another mix. Thanks. Ciao. Paolo BHS.
  • BHS
    If it interests to somebody, I have forgot to say that the story and the words are only invented from my poor fantasy and they aren't taken from movies ,games, telefilms , etc..
  • Ciao Paolo, come stai? Una grande concerto ... you did here. (Parlo un poco d'Italiano only, have to improve ). I really enjoyed the whole track and think the words and voice are fine. And also the space sounds you used, guess it's some sounds from the zynadd?. Anyway, fine (!), well done highest voting this time.
  • BHS
    Thanks Buzztler, always to much kind. P.S. In the description added a link to a better quality MP3. Good listen to all.
  • Shytan
    This is a voice synthesizer? Wah! Great! Since the days I've been using the TTS demo the technology has greatly improved (intonation seems more natural). You know, the first thing that I thought about when listening was the intro of Vangelis' "Albedo 0.39" Overall great work.
  • Flos
    Woah, good news IBM has finally re-released its demo... it wasn't online for quite some time. Absolutely the best TTS service Like your style with alternation of released and strong parts, while retaining attention from listeners, layering and delayering... and all sounds superb
  • Lizard
    Nice one, Paolo! Those Voice sample is indeed really cool. I'll use this once too!
  • BHS
    Thanks to everybody for the attention, sincerely. @ Buzztler : in this case no sounds from ZynAddSubFx but all synth sounds are from that little monster, incredible, never ending source of inspiration, my malleable swiss army knife called "Ichiro Toda Synth1" (sorry Monoton, i know that you don't agree too much about usage of VST's !!). And a special thanks also to a great filter named Joachim Tethys.
  • Buzztler
    ... one day I'll guess the synth right ... but it seems not in the near future ...
  • BHS you have really created a wonderfully creative track with a science fiction theme only Vangelis would think up. I agree with Shytan . I'm checking out this voice synthesizer. looks really interesting.
  • Great tune Paolo - very nice synth arp and PM flute synth arrangements which work well with the female vocal samples. Perhaps I would have upped the ante on the beats but that's mainly a preference. Good job, --Davey--